Friday, May 01, 2009

I am going to do something I don't usually do here, but I feel impressed to do today for some reason. I am going to share some thoughts with you about God and life.
What is the over-riding promise God makes to us? What promise is true when we are full of hope and joy, but is no less true when we are hopeless or disobedient?
"I am with you." Seems like a simple enough sentence. Only four words. But four of the most powerful words I know.
I am reminded of the day that I was blindsided by the deepest pain and sense of loss in my adult life. I was in a place I had not been for a year, in the home of a dear friend. I was surrounded by many of my closest friends. It was a unique time, both the pain and the joy were beyond measure. God knew that I needed the tangible support of loving hugs and words from people I could see and touch. God knew the pain was coming and He arranged for me to be in such a situation as I had not been for a very long time. He was with me and demonstrated it in a way that was meaningful to me at that time.
"I am with you." So in the days of your greatest joy and hope, perhaps a birth or marriage or other new start, and in the days of your deepest discouragement, the truth of the promise is the same. "I am with you, always."
Matthew 28:20b


Tricia said...

I couldn't agree more. God does watch over all of us.

Tonje said...

Thank you for sharing those words and thoughts. It is so true that God is with us, always!

Martha ~ xpetunia said...

SOOOOO true. Sometimes it's hard to remember, or to focus on that, but He is always here. Watching and waiting with a promise that even when it's the worst day ever there's still hope for tomorrow.

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